About Me

Sona Leigh Designs

As the founder and President of Sona Leigh Designs, I have completed a broad and extensive education at Kendall College of Art and Design of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

The passion and unique creativity behind my designs, set me apart and leave my clients, not only pleased; but astounded with their new, livable masterpiece.  

Having worked in the flooring industry for a decade; I have worked with many builders, residential and commercial customers.  I have worked not only in flooring, but maintained various freelance design work as well.  With the master knowledge in the flooring industry; I have the ability to not only help  clients with their home design, but also be sure to put the right products in their home; that fit them and their families best.

How can I help you?

Let me help you with your interior design, home staging, customized design and flooring needs.

From the overworked family that wants an update to their home and just doesn't have the time or the comfortability to begin the project; to the builder who desires beautiful, custom designed homes for their buyers and/or parade homes.  

I have worked with a vast array of satisfied customers, on many projects requiring unique and/or custom design specifications; from flooring to custom furniture and fixtures.

Contact me to see how I can help you make your design thoughts and dream home, a reality.  Your home should bring you peace, comfort, happiness; let me help you make your home, your sanctuary.